If we were to have thought bubbles above our heads, like they do in cartoons, showing real-life images of what we think “wonderland” is, it’d probably show the same thing. Our minds have been trained to think of wonderland as some kind of warped, magical, pscyhedelic world- just like Alice in wonderland. The bubbles would be filled with blues and pinks and lilacs, spilling from one side to the other. Trees that have limbs, rabbits that speak. Distorted faces and voices that are too high pitched, too loud.

But what really is wonderland?

Maybe you’re a dreamer, and wonderland is a world only you can enter, only you can picture perfectly. Maybe it’s vibrant everywhere you look-  like the Northern lights, colours swirling and scattering across outer space.

Maybe you’re a reader, and wonderland is stacks of books piled sky-high. To your left are all your favourite books, stained from the amount of times you’ve read them, spilt food on them, dropped them in the bath. Spines twisted, dust gathered within the browned pages. To your right are all the books you wish to read and you’re going to read, brand new. Clean, crisp hardback covers, shiny soft paperbacks. And where books aren’t, words are. Words you use, words you know, words you are soon to learn.

Maybe you’re an adventurer, and wonderland is the forest and the trees and the hills. Wonderland smells like snow at the top of the mountains, or soiled leaves. Maybe it smells like mosquito repellent, sunscreen. What does it feel like? The soil beneath the green tent you lay on on that cold November midnight? The ache in your muscles after a five hour hike?

Maybe you’re a homebody, and wonderland is simply the comfort of your own house .  Maybe wonderland feels like getting up at 11am on a Sunday and having no plans. It’s cereal and cold milk, blankets between your toes, lighted candles and empty schedules. It’s lying on the sofa staring at nothing, but thinking about everything. It’s the sound of your sister showering in the other room. Maybe it’s the sun shining through the cracks in the curtains and the smell of a vanilla latte.

Maybe you can’t decide what, or where, wonderland is and you’re excited to find out. Maybe all your life you’ve been searching for it but everywhere you look you can’t seem to find it. You’ve gotten close, so close you could taste it at the tip of your tongue, but somehow managed to let it slip away. Keep looking. Keep finding. One day, you’ll discover your wonderland, and someday, wonderland will become your home.


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