SessionsLove that friend.

Love the friend who is always there for you, the friend whose name immediately pops into your head when you see something pretty like a sunset or the sea. The one whose face appears in your mind when you read something funny, your fingers immediately itching for your phone so you can send it to them, tell it to them.

Love the friend who you can talk endlessly about, but also not say a word about, because no amount of words in the english language strung together could possibly describe the fondness you have for them. Use their name as a synonym for the word “love”. There is no other word that could come close.

Love the friend that makes you remember who you are deep inside. Appreciate the fact that you don’t have to wear a mask or a cool facade around them- and even when you do, they look at cinderella in her sparkling blue dress and ella in her dirty brown scrubs both the same.

Be grateful for this friend, because you probably don’t talk everyday, but when you finally get talking it’s like you’ve never gone a second without them in your life. Let the snapshots in your mind of the memories you’ve shared all be filled with spirit. Choose a soundtrack to these pictures- is it an inside joke? The music flowing through only one of your ears, because the other earphone is in theirs? Maybe it’s the sound of the bus tyres against the road the morning after morning of traveling to school together.

Thank this friend for always spending time on you.

Strive to be this friend. Strive to be the one that people think about when they read this. Be the friend that’s there for people when they’re happy, so they can share their joy with you- but also be there when they’re sad, so you can reach out and at least try to understand what they’re going through. Be the friend that never drags people down, but instead lifts them up higher higher higher, until their head is skimming the clouds. Be the friend that is constantly showing them the light, but who doesn’t open the windows in the morning at a sleepover because you know they only got 3 hours of sleep the night before.

Love this special person in your life. Be the special person in someone else’s.


5 thoughts on “LOVE THAT FRIEND.

  1. Okay so I’m totally going through and stalker-reading all your blog posts hahaha. 😛 I love how you write about these simple things that we often overlook in life and make them into something meaningful, things like this really speak to me!

    Liked by 1 person

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