Quote Of The Day



I’ve decided to create and “design” (If you can even call it that) quote of the days that I love ♡


We’ve all experienced it before, surely. When your heart is beating so fast you can almost feel it coming out of your chest. When your fingers are crossed, your third finger wrapped around your index so tightly the skin on your hand is turning white. It’s the feeling of nervousness, the feeling of excitement when you’re waiting for something. Something you’ve been wanting for a while. I don’t know what this ‘something’ is- it’s different for everyone. Maybe you’re hoping for an A in a test, the ‘yes’ from the university you’ve always wanted to be accepted to, front row tickets to your favourite band?

But when the time is up, and you receive the good news, you feel fireworks in your heart, your stomach, your head. You see the colours erupt all around you. You look to your friends expecting them to be fireworks too, but how can you hope for fireworks when they’re barely a flickering candle?  They’re a wan smile, a half-hearted “well done”. Lips distorted, twisting upwards, a feigned smile. A simple “oh”, a small pat on the back.

You’d given them a standing ovation for merely getting a B when they’d always gotten E’s. You’d clapped your heart out until your hands tingled from the amount of impact, you’d cheered them on every time they’d simply received a compliment… and this is what they give you in return?

“Pay close attention who don’t clap for you when you win.” because those people are not the type of people you want in your life.







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