“Be confident.

Too many days are wasted


ourselves to others

and wishing to be

something we aren’t.


Everyone has their

own strengths and

weaknesses, and it is

only when you accept everything you are-

and aren’t- that you

will truly succeed. ”

This is a little bit hypocritcal of me to post, seeing as I am the least confident person in the entire world. From a scale of 1-10 I’m around a -100. But hopefully this will inspire some of you to be more confident with yourself!

PS. Sorry for doing so many of these posts, I just really like doing them 🙂


5 thoughts on “#POSITIVITEA |#3

  1. Love it! It’s definitely hard to avoid comparing ourselves to others and its just such a common thing to feel lesser than other people not realising that we too have our own strengths.

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    1. Yes agreed! This actually isn’t my quote I found it quite some time ago and I wrote it down in my notebook and thought it was a really good one 🙂 We all have flaws but we’re all so unique and different we need to embrace it!


  2. there’s nothing wrong with these kinds the posts . I personally am a collector of quotes , like I’m obssessed with them and seeing the quotes you post makes me happy. this is a beautiful , uplifting post 🙂

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