daI hate the quote “be yourself”.

Anyone can say “be yourself”. People use “be yourself” as an excuse to be a crappy person. If they’re rude or mean or condescending or judging- “oh, that’s just my personality”, “i’m just being myself”.

Yeah, this quote is great when we’re speaking of our passions, our inspirations, our style. If someone wants to wear their hair differently, their clothes differently, who are we to stop them? Let the girl in your class wear rainbow leg warmers in the middle of summer. Don’t judge the boy whose locker is above yours because he’s in a rock band and you’re in the debate team. When it comes to things like that, let people ‘be themselves’ because you are in absolutely no position to judge them for what they want to do. I know this is said a lot but this world isn’t meant for photocopies, or all of our DNA would be strung exactly the same way. If every single person on this Earth wanted to be the same, do the same things, what kind of substance would we have in the world? We’d all be robots with our stiff limbs and stiff bodies and mechanic voices.

However, when it comes to personality? “Be yourself” isn’t a phrase that can always be used. What if “yourself” is a rapist, a bully, if deep down inside you all you can see is black? What if “be yourself” is just an excuse you use every day to be the worst possible person you can be and still be able to get away with it?

What I think the quote should be is “be the best version of yourself”. Work hard on improving yourself everyday. Be a person who chases your dreams and passions, and if you don’t have one- don’t worry, you’ll find it, but don’t go trashing other people’s. Reach for the stars, never let the sky be the limit. Be a kind person, a positive person. Inspire people, even when you don’t feel inspired yourself. Help people, give, and don’t expect anything in return. Do good things because you WANT to, not because you’re expecting a reward. Make every day better than the day before. Do something everyday that makes you feel like you’re doing it for a purpose. Live, and learn from your mistakes. We’re all going to make mistakes. Don’t let that stop you from constantly working on and improving yourself every minute of your life. Use every day, every moment as a learning experience- there’s always something you can take out of every bad move you make.

The energy you put out in the universe is going to come back to you. You put out negative energy? That’s what you’re going to get back. So don’t let “yourself” be someone you’re not proud of. Life is short, don’t waste it on grey days and lack of smiles or fake smiles or a heart filled with hatred. Always be judging yourself, and not in a bad way. Say something or do something you’re not proud of? Take a step back and think: Okay, why did I do that? Then fix the problem- apologise if need be, learn from it, then move on.

Improve yourself. Don’t be just plain old “yourself” but the best version of yourself. 


This is very long, not my best and not really written in the style I usually write things, but I thought that it was important! Spread love and positivity everywhere you go and I promise you will feel so much better.



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