Quote Of The Day


This is a quote from one of my favourite songs ever ever ever, Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift.

I think it is so powerful because it makes you appreciative for everything you have. Look around you, are you on your bed, your sofa, lying on the floor? What’s scattered around you? Clothes, your phone,  a teddybear? Someday, these small things won’t exist anymore. They’ll break or get lost in the move, or maybe you just wont want them in ten years. So appreciate the little things you have.

But appreciate the big things you have too, and I’m not talking about things that are big in size. I’m talking about your family, your friends, even your pets. Everyone’s growing older. Every second that passes is precious, you only have so little time. I think with everyone being in such a rush to grow up, you forget that your parents are growing older too. And so are your older siblings, aunties, uncles, grandparents. Don’t take them for granted- appreciate everything they do for you.

This quote is sad, it makes you realize you aren’t going to live forever and neither are the people around you, which is why you have to give everyone the love they deserve to have.


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