inn.PNGHave you ever met someone who is your definition of physically attractive? Tall, brown hair, tan, slender. Petite, Blonde, blue eyes. Not too tall, not too short, dark hair, dark skin. Smooth porcelain doll faces, curvy hourglass figures, button noses. Whatever you  think “attractive”is. I bet all of us have- and have instantly thought- “wow, I want to look like her”, “I wish I was her”, “why can’t I look like that”? Then have you ever spoken to the person and realized that her words, her morals, her dignity didn’t match her beauty at all?

The most physically beautiful person in the world can have a heart made of steel- or have no heart at all. Her hair may be the only thing about her that is shining and her face may be sweet, but that can hardly make up for the sourness that is her soul and the bitterness that is her mind.

It works the other way round too. Perhaps, some people aren’t the definition of “physically attractive” to you. Maybe they have spots where they aren’t supposed to, maybe their ears stick out or their eyes are always tired or their pants are too tight too loose too long too short. Maybe they don’t style their hair the way you prefer. But the moment they enter the room, everyone lights up one by one like the bulbs on a string of christmas lights. The way they speak, the way they carry themselves, can make even the harshest of people listen. You’ve seen them secretly drop 5 dollars in a homeless man’s plastic cup even when you know they refuse to spend 2 dollars on a drink for themselves. They pick up other people’s trash. They carry kindness, love, compassion, intelligence, confidence all in their tiny hands, so much so that you think it’s going to overflow and pour right onto the ground. Somehow, it never spills.  They wear their hearts on their sleeves and allow other people to touch it. They are always inspiring, always teaching, always learning, always growing. They are the truest versions of themselves, show no desperation to be anyone else, to follow anyone else. They are beautifully gregarious, sweet and loving- but if you were to ever tell them that they would get flustered and their cheeks would flush redder than a cherry and they would brush it off their shoulder as if there was a fruit fly with a “no, that’s not true”.

Now this person may not be the most physically beautiful person in the world. But no one views them otherwise, because they are shining stars, no, shooting stars- more special than just any old cluster of dust and ice. They are unique not because of the way they look but the way they are.

Physical beauty is NOT what is important. It is what comes from within. It is the person inside you that wants to do good, wants to help. The person that makes you strive harder, the person that has sympathy and empathy and knows when to speak and knows when it’s too much. It’s when you look at other girls you look up to and think “that’s great, that inspires me” instead of letting the jealousy get the best of you. It’s the part of you that glitters when you do something you love, that bubbles when you’re excited. Let this part of you show. Don’t hold it in. Because anyone can be physically attractive, but it takes a real person to be beautiful from the inside and out.



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