beachI wish I lived on a beach, because I want to lay in bed at 12 am on a saturday and have the sound of the waves crashing against the shore lull me to sleep. I want to wake up with the exact same, but see cornflower blue waters instead of black. I want to open the window to my bedroom and smell the ocean and feel the salt in the air because opening the window now only allows me to see the man-made nature of houses and brick walls. I want to eat breakfast outside, with nothing- no music, no laptop, no phone- just the sand and the ocean and the trees.

I wish I lived on a beach, because going outside now means T shirts and jeans and too much material, and there’s something about going outside wearing nothing but a swimsuit. I like watching my skin, slick from too many layers of sunscreen, turn golden to match the sand. People complain about the sand sticking to their legs, their arms, their back. I like watching the speckles collect on my body and brushing it off, watching the small grains float into the wind. There is no ‘unattractive’, no ‘ugly’, no ‘disgusting’ on the beach because on the beach, everyone is beautiful. Everyone’s eyes are crimson from opening their eyes too much in the ocean or laying out in the sun for too long, but all eyes are glittering. Everyone’s noses are tinted red, their hair tangled with salt and water, their feet dry with sand.

I wish I lived on a beach, because have you seen so many shades of blue at once? There’s turquoise on the shore, indigo, and if you peer out into the distance, you can see the dark navy of the deep sea. Blue is my favorite colour. I don’t know why, but it may have something to do with the way the sun shines against the cobalt blue of the sky.

I wish I lived on a beach, because not enough sunlight reaches the inside of my room. Days would be happier if I could see light pouring in from every crack and crevice- instead of shadows and grey. I wish I lived on a beach because the sound of birds in the city will never match up to that of the birds that fly over the sea. Because buildings don’t flutter quite like leaves on palm trees and the air feels weighted instead of light as a feather, light as a grain of salt.

I wish I lived on a beach so I could look forward to getting up and watching the sky change colours, so slowly you’re almost unable to see the change. Soon after you realize that in only ten minutes what was red has now melted into cyan, and you wonder how something so beautiful is possible but some questions can never be answered no matter how many times you ask. I wish I lived on a beach so I could watch the sunset. If you asked me how many times I’ve watched that happen living in a city… the answer would be zero. I want to sit on a mat in the middle of the sand, legs crossed, head tilted upwards, watching the fiery ball be lowered like it is held on a string, further down into the sky.


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