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I feel like since veganism has started to become a “trend”, it’s been looked down on more than ever before. Vegans left right and center trying to tell you what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat- I wouldn’t blame you if that made you NOT want to be one even more. I even know “””vegans””” in real life who promote veganism on their social media for the image of that pure, genuine and wholesome person they want everyone to view them as but sneak chicken burgers behind the screen.

Okay, I could sit here and tell you the list of facts on why veganism is great for your health, the animals and the planet, but I think you’ve heard that all before. If you want to know about that, watch 101 reasons to go Vegan– it’s long, but it will change your life. That’s one of the videos that made me change my mind.

Veganism somehow allows me to feel  a strong, rich connection with the earth, the planet. I don’t know how or why, but one day I realized that I often find myself chasing the sun everywhere it goes, desperate to feel its rays on my skin, feeling a sense of peace wash over me in nature. Hiking, nature, the outdoors in general used to be so foreign to me, but since going vegan I’ve taken any chance that comes my way to be out, surrounded with the scent and feeling of the lush trees and wet soil and hot sun. I went vegan for the animals, so trust me, I know how hard it is for people who “hate” vegetables and fruits. Before I went vegan, the only fruit and vegetable I ate was a grape. Literally, a single grape. As time passed, I began to get used to the taste of plants and felt everything I put into my body nourish me. It’s probably a placebo effect but as soon as I eat a plate of colourful, beautiful fruit I automatically feel myself smoothen out, get brighter. I could never explain the feeling of knowing that everything you’re consuming does wonders for everything that surrounds you.

I’ve heard people say they want to go vegan but because of where they live or their family, they can’t. I live in one of the most meat-eating countries in the world, and it can be hard. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. But the difficulty of eating vegan is such a tiny fraction of the whole picture of veganism, and I promise you, It is worth it.  If you really want to feel connected, lighter, nourished, energized- do it. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

“What about my parents?” Oh God, if I had to sit down and explain the number of fights and arguments I got with my parents over this. They thought I had an eating disorder, they thought I was going to die of undernourishment, they thought I was literally going to cripple into nothing but dust. The amount of tears of frustration this brought for me was insane, but know that they will get over it once you show them that this is more than just a phase you’re going through, that this is something you’re passionate about. My heart has never felt more full with love and compassion. It has impacted me in the most beautiful, magical way and I can’t thank this lifestyle enough for everything it has brought me.

I’m going to stop here because I think no one is bothered to read paragraphs and paragraphs of me talking about this, but I hope a lot of you have read it and considered at least eating one plant based meal a week. See how you feel ♥




I want to travel.

Not just for the new places but for the act of it all, because nothing is more exciting than stepping on a plane and knowing in a few hours I’ll be somewhere new. Because watching the sunset from above is probably where I’ll get the best view, and someone far below is looking up and watching it too, looking at the silouhette of a plane fly by.

Because sitting shotgun in the front seat of a car with the windows open blasting my favorite songs and singing along at the top of my lungs will never get old, and I’ll do this until the sky turns hazy and the streetlamps flicker on. And the songs I’m singing? Well, I’ll listen to them in twenty years and think of the wind in my hair and my shirt fluttering in the evening breeze.

I want to travel for the smell of new air because no two places smell exactly the same.

I want to travel to learn a new language and say common words and phrases over and over again until I say it to a local who lives there who smiles and understands and thinks of what a tourist I am.

I want to go to new restaurants and watch people order “the usual, please” but its not the usual for me because it’s my first time there. I’ll order their usual anyway, because it must be good if they’re having it every day.

I want to visit the landmarks and take the same cheesy pictures everyone else is taking. I want to go to museums and look at the art and pretend to read the plaques on the way, just so I seem at least a little educational. I want to get lost and get annoyed with everyone around me, because that’s what I’ll remember when I’m old and someone says “remember when we had no idea where we were going?“

I want to travel for it all, for the road trips and the plane rides and the sights and smells and sounds. For every new experience, and every memory, good or bad, made along the way.

You are



You are not your grades,

the bank notes you have stuffed in your wallet

You are not the length of your hair,

the size of your waist,

your height,

the colour of your skin,

even your reflection in the mirror

You are

the powdered sugar in the cake you last baked,

that dissolved on the tip of your tongue,

the seashell you found at the beach when you were a kid,

the one you pressed to your ear for days,

you are the sound of the ocean you heard within it,

the crashing of the waves against the shore,

you are the flutter of the wind in the trees,

in your hair,

on your cheeks,

you are the glitter that fell from the sky on New Years Eve,

you are iridescent

you are

the golden star you stuck on the top of your page in kindergarten,

your tongue sticking out in concentration as you got it



perfectly straight, you are

the doodles of black ink you drew on your wrist when you were fourteen,

of stars, planets, the sun and moon,

on each and every finger until no skin was left, just orbits

you are the sun and moon,

the rays that hit your skin on the last days of summer,

the glow that you gaze up at in the hours of midnight,

wondering how you got here,

how anything is real,

you are

the song that you dance to in your room when nobody’s watching,

the smile in your voice at your last concert,

the glimmer of glow sticks in the crowd,

or the saxophone in the background of your favourite disney song,

what you listen to when you’re happy, sad

or anything in between.

you are the fort you crawl under when you’re cold,

blanketed by white, protected,


you are waking up on a sunday morning,

the light that simmers through the curtains,

or the dust that floats in it,

you are the twinkles twirled around the Christmas tree,

the monkey bars you sat on top of with your best friend,

or the grip of her hand n yours,

the rope swing that stretched out over the sea,

the wind in the air when you swung,

Or maybe you’re

the disappointment in your mum’s voice when you come home too late, or

the lurch in your stomach when you’re speaking in public,

the stutter in your voice,

the weights on your eyelids

when you’ve gotten no sleep,

the feeling you get when you haven’t left the house in five days,

sluggish, slow, stagnant,

maybe you’re

everything at once,

everything you know,

everything you believe

everything you dream,

and all the magic that’s in it.






inn.PNGHave you ever met someone who is your definition of physically attractive? Tall, brown hair, tan, slender. Petite, Blonde, blue eyes. Not too tall, not too short, dark hair, dark skin. Smooth porcelain doll faces, curvy hourglass figures, button noses. Whatever you  think “attractive”is. I bet all of us have- and have instantly thought- “wow, I want to look like her”, “I wish I was her”, “why can’t I look like that”? Then have you ever spoken to the person and realized that her words, her morals, her dignity didn’t match her beauty at all?

The most physically beautiful person in the world can have a heart made of steel- or have no heart at all. Her hair may be the only thing about her that is shining and her face may be sweet, but that can hardly make up for the sourness that is her soul and the bitterness that is her mind.

It works the other way round too. Perhaps, some people aren’t the definition of “physically attractive” to you. Maybe they have spots where they aren’t supposed to, maybe their ears stick out or their eyes are always tired or their pants are too tight too loose too long too short. Maybe they don’t style their hair the way you prefer. But the moment they enter the room, everyone lights up one by one like the bulbs on a string of christmas lights. The way they speak, the way they carry themselves, can make even the harshest of people listen. You’ve seen them secretly drop 5 dollars in a homeless man’s plastic cup even when you know they refuse to spend 2 dollars on a drink for themselves. They pick up other people’s trash. They carry kindness, love, compassion, intelligence, confidence all in their tiny hands, so much so that you think it’s going to overflow and pour right onto the ground. Somehow, it never spills.  They wear their hearts on their sleeves and allow other people to touch it. They are always inspiring, always teaching, always learning, always growing. They are the truest versions of themselves, show no desperation to be anyone else, to follow anyone else. They are beautifully gregarious, sweet and loving- but if you were to ever tell them that they would get flustered and their cheeks would flush redder than a cherry and they would brush it off their shoulder as if there was a fruit fly with a “no, that’s not true”.

Now this person may not be the most physically beautiful person in the world. But no one views them otherwise, because they are shining stars, no, shooting stars- more special than just any old cluster of dust and ice. They are unique not because of the way they look but the way they are.

Physical beauty is NOT what is important. It is what comes from within. It is the person inside you that wants to do good, wants to help. The person that makes you strive harder, the person that has sympathy and empathy and knows when to speak and knows when it’s too much. It’s when you look at other girls you look up to and think “that’s great, that inspires me” instead of letting the jealousy get the best of you. It’s the part of you that glitters when you do something you love, that bubbles when you’re excited. Let this part of you show. Don’t hold it in. Because anyone can be physically attractive, but it takes a real person to be beautiful from the inside and out.


Quote Of The Day


This is a quote from one of my favourite songs ever ever ever, Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift.

I think it is so powerful because it makes you appreciative for everything you have. Look around you, are you on your bed, your sofa, lying on the floor? What’s scattered around you? Clothes, your phone,  a teddybear? Someday, these small things won’t exist anymore. They’ll break or get lost in the move, or maybe you just wont want them in ten years. So appreciate the little things you have.

But appreciate the big things you have too, and I’m not talking about things that are big in size. I’m talking about your family, your friends, even your pets. Everyone’s growing older. Every second that passes is precious, you only have so little time. I think with everyone being in such a rush to grow up, you forget that your parents are growing older too. And so are your older siblings, aunties, uncles, grandparents. Don’t take them for granted- appreciate everything they do for you.

This quote is sad, it makes you realize you aren’t going to live forever and neither are the people around you, which is why you have to give everyone the love they deserve to have.


Untitled designIf you could bottle up one memory into a jar so you could keep it forever, what would it be?

Some people might store an extravagant memory into a beautiful, stained glass jar- but only to look at and never to touch because it’s that precious. Maybe it’s their wedding day or their child’s first birthday or the first time they met the love of their life. They’d never open the jar, but if they did it would smell like rose perfume, chocolate cake , a crowded party. It’d sound like church bells, a birthday song, blaring music. Sometimes they’d wish they could open it but they know if they did, it would never be as special as the first time they lived it. Even so, they might long to feel the silk dress flowing down their body again, the smiles on their faces as their daughter blew out her candles, the vibrating of the floor beneath their feet. They’d store it in a place only they could see. Maybe on the bedside table? In their closet? They’d barely see the it throughout the day but if the light was right, they’d see the glint of the gleaming paint. They’d smile and remember and be grateful for this special, personal memory, only for themselves.

Or perhaps the jar would be wooden, rough on the edges. Not as polished as the first jar, but definitely more homely. Inside would be memories that are often overlooked-maybe not a monumental day but a special one no less. Walking home from a Christmas party with their friends, themselves at three years old, climbing a tree with their dad. Sitting on a rooftop building on new years eve that time they were sixteen. The jar’s opaque, so they can’t see what’s inside, but if they peered through the tiny hole near the bottom of it, they’d see snowflakes fluttering, their dads arms outstretched, red fireworks shooting across the sky. They’d remember laughing and spinning in circles, gloved hands entwined with another. They’d feel the trembling of their legs as they climbed that last branch, and the grip of their tiny fingers around bark. They’d remember looking out at the glittering city below and thinking how similar it looked to the sparks flying above them, and maybe they weren’t quite on top of the world but it sure felt like it. Sometimes they would twist the lid of the jar open slightly, just to get a better look. But they’d always make sure to screw it back on tight, so the memory could never escape.




“You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. You are what you take from these.

You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner. You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. You are every single second of every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through your veins and let the colours fill your mind until there is nothing left to do but explode. There are no wrong answers. Inspiration is everything. So sit back, relax, and take it all in. Now, go and create something.”

Jac Vanek


SessionsLove that friend.

Love the friend who is always there for you, the friend whose name immediately pops into your head when you see something pretty like a sunset or the sea. The one whose face appears in your mind when you read something funny, your fingers immediately itching for your phone so you can send it to them, tell it to them.

Love the friend who you can talk endlessly about, but also not say a word about, because no amount of words in the english language strung together could possibly describe the fondness you have for them. Use their name as a synonym for the word “love”. There is no other word that could come close.

Love the friend that makes you remember who you are deep inside. Appreciate the fact that you don’t have to wear a mask or a cool facade around them- and even when you do, they look at cinderella in her sparkling blue dress and ella in her dirty brown scrubs both the same.

Be grateful for this friend, because you probably don’t talk everyday, but when you finally get talking it’s like you’ve never gone a second without them in your life. Let the snapshots in your mind of the memories you’ve shared all be filled with spirit. Choose a soundtrack to these pictures- is it an inside joke? The music flowing through only one of your ears, because the other earphone is in theirs? Maybe it’s the sound of the bus tyres against the road the morning after morning of traveling to school together.

Thank this friend for always spending time on you.

Strive to be this friend. Strive to be the one that people think about when they read this. Be the friend that’s there for people when they’re happy, so they can share their joy with you- but also be there when they’re sad, so you can reach out and at least try to understand what they’re going through. Be the friend that never drags people down, but instead lifts them up higher higher higher, until their head is skimming the clouds. Be the friend that is constantly showing them the light, but who doesn’t open the windows in the morning at a sleepover because you know they only got 3 hours of sleep the night before.

Love this special person in your life. Be the special person in someone else’s.



” Wake up everyday as if you’ve just nearly missed death. As if you literally almost had your life taken away from you right. this. second. You left the site of a bomb 5 seconds before it exploded or you jumped right out of the way right when a terrorist shot at you. Feel your heart exploding in your ears, your blood charging through your veins. Your head light as a speck of dust with dizziness. You are alive. You are alive. You are alive. And this is how you should embrace life.”

A friend


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Quote Of The Day



I’ve decided to create and “design” (If you can even call it that) quote of the days that I love ♡


We’ve all experienced it before, surely. When your heart is beating so fast you can almost feel it coming out of your chest. When your fingers are crossed, your third finger wrapped around your index so tightly the skin on your hand is turning white. It’s the feeling of nervousness, the feeling of excitement when you’re waiting for something. Something you’ve been wanting for a while. I don’t know what this ‘something’ is- it’s different for everyone. Maybe you’re hoping for an A in a test, the ‘yes’ from the university you’ve always wanted to be accepted to, front row tickets to your favourite band?

But when the time is up, and you receive the good news, you feel fireworks in your heart, your stomach, your head. You see the colours erupt all around you. You look to your friends expecting them to be fireworks too, but how can you hope for fireworks when they’re barely a flickering candle?  They’re a wan smile, a half-hearted “well done”. Lips distorted, twisting upwards, a feigned smile. A simple “oh”, a small pat on the back.

You’d given them a standing ovation for merely getting a B when they’d always gotten E’s. You’d clapped your heart out until your hands tingled from the amount of impact, you’d cheered them on every time they’d simply received a compliment… and this is what they give you in return?

“Pay close attention who don’t clap for you when you win.” because those people are not the type of people you want in your life.